Co-operative Bonds offers the following workshops – contact us for more information:

Coop 101

2-3 hour workshop that will take you through the fundamental types of co-operatives, how they work, and the legal and operating structures that underpin them – accompanied by examples relevant to your industry.

Rules and practice for good governance

1.5 – 2 hour workshop where we take your leadership team through the theory and practice of good governance – drawing on co-operative experience and the work of Elinor Ostrom.

How to engage your community

1 hour workshop on the challenges and techniques to help build member engagement using practical hands-on examples from a range of sectors.

How to run a crowdfunding campaign

1 hour workshop that takes you through different types of funding structures that may be open to your community and the mechanics of running your own crowd-funding campaign.

A Co-operative business model canvas

1.5 hour workshop where we walk your co-operative through a business model canvas adapted specifically for co-operatives.

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